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Tips for Being a Health Advocate

Information for Family Caregivers

An estimated 53 million people provide care for an aging loved one or friend. As a family caregiver, you are your loved one’s healthcare advocate and a key player on the healthcare team.

On average, older adults spend about 17 days a year in a healthcare setting, and chances are you’re there with them. For those with multiple conditions or dementia, the days increase. You balance appointments with various doctors and help your loved one follow their care plans. You also likely help your loved one manage several medications.

As rewarding as caregiving can be, we know it can be a daunting task. We have some tips that can help you be a health advocate.

Seniors and their health advocates


Attend doctor and other health-related appointments
Whether the appointment is in person or virtual, having someone there as a healthcare advocate to ask questions and understand the care management plan is extremely helpful to your loved one.


Keep a personal healthcare journal
Taking notes during each appointment and keeping a written record of the care journey helps ensure you have a clear understanding of what was prescribed and that nothing is forgotten.


Make sure home is as safe as can be
An essential part of being a health advocate is making sure the home is a safe environment. After understanding what the care plan is, the key to success is ensuring the environment is conducive to aging in place safely, including making sure the medications are clearly labeled and easily accessible. Download the Fall Prevention Guide to get important safety tips for each room of the house.

Right at Home

In-Home Care Can Help

Right at Home’s professionally trained caregivers can help. Whether your loved one needs elder care around the clock or just occasionally so you can take a break, count on Right at Home. From light housekeeping and meal preparation to medication reminders, personal care and more, our caregivers help your loved one enjoy a healthy life in the comfort of a familiar environment. Learn more about our services and how we can help your family.

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